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What I offer is perfect for the DIY's who take pride in doing things the right way. You have the skills, but need someone to share the secrets of the trade.  I have been designing and creating beautiful homes, both new and restored, for 35 years! Most builders/contractors specialize in one aspect of home building/renovation. I have done it all, from demolition to building custom cabinets.  I am as skilled craftsman in just about every area of home construction and renovation.  Tap into my wealth of knowledge and experience! I guarentee the money you spend on consulting will more than pay for itself.  

Our Consulting Service:

  1. Getting ready to remodel?  Want advice on opening up spaces and the design/structural consideration and their costs?

  2. Need someone to work with you for a few hours to teach the tricks involved in professionally doing any of the following:

    • tile

    • drywall

    • plumbing (from rough in to finish)

    • cabinet installation

    • siding

    • window installation

    • door installation

    • interior trim including crown molding

    • framing (floor, wall and roof)

    • roofing

    • electrical 

    • concrete (flatwork - all finish types, including stamped)

    • foundations

    • flooring installation (tile to laminate).

  3. Getting ready to buy a home?  You want the peace of mind that comes with having someone, with my level of experience, inspect the entire home from crawl space to attic?  

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