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 A friend of ours, who is a carpenter and former building inspector, recommended that we have Henri Weeks build our new 24’ x 36’ shop. He said Henri was gifted.


We are glad we chose Henri. He had the knowledge and experience required to deal with our special challenges of a sloping shop site and limited access to our backyard. It took a lot of extra time and effort to get the foundation materials to the site. Henri was up to the challenge, and the foundation turned out really well.


The rest of the shop looks great also. Our carpenter-friend came by a few times during the project and pointed out specific details that he was impressed with. He said Henri was taking extra time on parts of the shop that most contractors would have skipped over.


Henri is a perfectionist, and he takes pride in his work. We are thrilled with our new shop, and we highly recommend Henri as a contractor.


Steve and Kathryn Wade

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